FIA introduces new regulations for pit stops, to be at least 0.2 seconds slower

24-06-2021 18:35
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FIA introduces new regulations for pit stops, to be at least 0.2 seconds slower

With the aim of improving driver and mechanic safety, the FIA will change the rules governing pit stops in motorsport's premier class from the Hungarian Grand Prix. As revealed in a new technical update to Formula 1's regulatory body, minimum reaction times that can significantly delay a stop will be introduced.

Pit stops in Formula 1 will look different from August onwards, as reported by Motorsport today. To minimise the risk of tyres not being fastened properly each action of the mechanics must take at least 0.15 seconds. If an engineer is too fast, they will have to wait until a green light gives the signal. It is estimated that with the introduction of these new rules, pit stops will last between 0.2 and 0.3 seconds longer.

In addition to this minimum reaction time, mechanics will have to allow 0.2 seconds between the signal from the mechanics and the release of the jack so that the driver can drive away from the Hungarian Grand Prix onwards. The FIA explains this as follows: "For safety reasons we would furthermore expect the minimum time offset between the initiation of the jack release procedure and the OK signal to the driver given by the green light to be at least 0.2 seconds.""

Thorn in the eye

These modified regulations seem to be a thorn in Red Bull Racing's side in particular. The six fastest pit stops of 2021 are all in the team's name, as well as the record for the fastest stop in Formula One history. Helmut Marko previously suggested that other teams had knocked on the FIA's door about the legality of the Milton Keynes-based team's pit stops. At the time he did this to the German RTL.

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