Verstappen's win in France marked a milestone for Red Bull Racing

23-06-2021 17:01 | Updated: 23-06-2021 21:34
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Verstappen's win in France marked a milestone for Red Bull Racing

Since the introduction of hybrid engines in 2014, Mercedes has been supreme. However, in the current Formula 1 season, we are seeing a close battle with Red Bull Racing, who have made a big step since 2020. With Max Verstappen 's victory in France, the Austrian racing stable has reached a new milestone.

The team won three races in a row for the first time in the hybrid era. Verstappen began the run of victories at Monaco, followed by Sergio Perez in Azerbaijan and Verstappen again at Paul Ricard in France, which has been dominated by Mercedes in recent years.

Red Bull Racing Milestone in Formula 1's Hybrid Era

For Red Bull Racing this marks another milestone in the hybrid era. The energy drink manufacturer's team enjoyed a very dominant period up until the introduction of the new 1.6 litre V6 turbo engines, but from then on Mercedes were too strong.

The current season presents a completely different picture, with Red Bull Racing seemingly having the better car at the moment. Whether the team can continue in this vein will become clear in the next week and a half, with two races scheduled at their home circuit, the Red Bull Ring in Austria.

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