ICYMI: Honda engine rebrand, Perez returns Baku trophy & Pirelli discussion

18-06-2021 01:00
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ICYMI: Honda engine rebrand, Perez returns Baku trophy & Pirelli discussion

The 2021 French Grand Prix weekend is on the horizon. The teams and drivers have all arrived at the circuit and the usual press conferences are complete with some interesting storylines to take us through the weekend. Here is your GPBlog Daily Round-up, covering the most important stories of the day in case you missed it. 

New Honda engine

All eyes will be focused on this engine when Honda leave the project solely to Red Bull Racing from next season onwards. But the Japanese manufacturers will install a new engine to their cars for the next round of Formula 1 action and it's gone through a rebrand. 

It was already known that this engine would be available, and it should provide the drivers of Red Bull and AlphaTauri with more power and reliability. Honda now also announces a new name, and that is Honda e:TECHNOLOGY. With that name, Honda is focusing more on the carbon-neutral future and sustainability of motorsports. Click here for the full story. 

Perez returns his trophy

Sergio Perez needed five races to get used to his new car at Red Bull Racing. He was proven right, as he won the sixth race. Although he was helped a little by the loss of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, he was right there with them all weekend. 

The second career victory earned him his first Red Bull trophy, but the Mexican couldn't enjoy it for long. "That one went straight to the factory. I can get a replica if I pay for it." Whether Perez will also have a replica made, he left in the dark. Click here for the full story. 

Pirelli drama

Following initial reports from the Netherlands, it appeared the drivers boycotted a meeting with Pirelli. However, all was not what it seemed as by the afternoon Isola stated he was joining the drivers briefing on Friday. Despite this, a number of comments were made during the press conferences including one by Max Verstappen. The Dutchman crashed out whilst leading the Azerbaijan Grand Prix due to a tyre blowout.

Pirelli came up a statement that there was nothing wrong with the tyres, but what caused the tyre to blow out, the tyre producer didn't know either. "A bit vague," is also the conclusion from Verstappen. According to Verstappen Pirelli tries to blame Red Bull for the blowout, but the leader in the championship wants to know nothing of it. "They should look more to themselves," he says. "We haven't done anything wrong." Click here for the full story

Hamilton wants more clarity 

Since Lance Stroll and Verstappen's two blowouts in Baku, there has been a lot of talk about the Pirelli tyres. Also because the cause of the blowouts has still not been determined. Hamilton thinks the tyres may play a bigger role this season than ever before. "I would like more oversight on how tyres are used. Especially the tyre pressure needs to be monitored more closely," the Brit hinted at the rumours that Red Bull had messed around with the tyre pressure. Click here for the full story. 

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