Hamilton points at Red Bull again: "I would like more oversight"

17-06-2021 13:10 | Updated: 17-06-2021 15:03
by GPblog.com
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Hamilton points at Red Bull again: I would like more oversight

Lewis Hamilton came very close to attending today's press conference as the leader in the championship. The problems he encountered at the restart after accidentally changing the brake balance cost him dearly in that respect. In France he will be only too happy to put that right.

Revenge in France

Hamilton has only managed to score seven in Monaco and Baku, a very disappointing result for the seven-time world champion. "The last two races were tough. We learned a lot and there is little we can't do if we work together," Formule1.co.uk quoted the Briton as saying at the press conference. The Mercedes driver is confident of having a better weekend in France though. "We've been good here in the past, but the Red Bulls are very fast this year."

With two poor results, the question is whether luck also comes into play in the championship. "I never really know how to feel about luck," said Hamilton. "There are definitely times when you have bad luck, but there are also times when you benefit from someone else's bad luck."

Big role for the tyres

Since Lance Stroll and Verstappen's two blowouts in Baku, there has been a lot of talk about the Pirelli tyres. Also because the cause of the blowouts has still not been determined. Hamilton thinks the tyres may play a bigger role this season than ever before. "I would like more oversight on how tyres are used. Especially the tyre pressure needs to be monitored more closely," the Brit hinted at the rumours that Red Bull had messed around with the tyre pressure.

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