Ricciardo hopes to find 'rhythm and momentum' at first triple-header

17-06-2021 18:22 | Updated: 17-06-2021 19:33
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Ricciardo hopes to find 'rhythm and momentum' at first triple-header

Some drivers think triple-headers are a bit much. Three races in a row without a good rest. Daniel Ricciardo disagrees and hopes to get the right momentum during the triple-headers.

Ricciardo had pictured his start at McLaren a little differently than it turned out. The Australian managed to score points in five races, but is doing considerably less well than teammate Lando Norris. The young Briton is currently 40 points ahead of his experienced teammate in the drivers' championship.

Triple-header benefits everyone

Ricciardo hopes the triple-header at Paul Ricard and twice at the Red Bull Ring can help him get into the right rhythm: "I like triple-headers. I like to get into the rhythm and keep the momentum," he is quoted by Motorsport-Total.com at the press conference.

Triple-headers would be useful for everyone according to Ricciardo, as this way you can practice the sport a lot. Because outside of the race weekend, there's really no time for that. "I'm trying to adjust a bit at the moment to make it fit in the car. I'm working on some areas where I can improve," said the 31-year-old driver.

Chances at Paul Ricard

Ricciardo is happy to return to traditional circuits after two street races. But whether it actually suits him? "I wouldn't say I like those corners, but I seem to be able to drive well there. It's one of those circuits that you like when you get a good result. And if you don't you think: to hell with it!"

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