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Pirelli releases results of Verstappen crash investigation

Pirelli releases results of Verstappen crash investigation

15-06-2021 19:40 Last update: 21:27


Max Verstappen and Lance Stroll crashed during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix due to a blowout. An investigation by Pirelli shows that the incidents had nothing to do with the quality of the tyres.

Both drivers crashed hard into the wall on the long straight in Baku. As they were almost identical crashes, it seemed to be a fault in the tyres. Verstappen was angry about the incident and had to wait for the investigation that would follow. Pirelli said after the investigation that no production or quality faults were found.

The Italians state that for both drivers it was a crack in the circumferential direction on the inside of the tyre, which points in the direction of the pressure and temperature of the tyres. Pirelli does believe that the starting parameters prescribed by the teams were respected. Nevertheless, the company claims that the problem lay with the teams themselves.

Pérez with first GP victory for Red Bull

Sergio Pérez profited from the crash of Verstappen. The Mexican driver took his first GP victory in service of Red Bull. Sebastian Vettel and Pierre Gasly also finished on the podium.

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