Ricciardo stands up for bullied McLaren fan: 'Don't stress, buddy'

12-06-2021 19:50 | Updated: 12-06-2021 20:52
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Ricciardo stands up for bullied McLaren fan: 'Don't stress, buddy'

A young McLaren fan who was bullied at school got support from both the team and driver Daniel Ricciardo on Twitter today. After his McLaren cap was destroyed by bullies, the boy can console himself with the promise that he will personally get a new one from Ricciardo.

The young fan was bullied at school because of his McLaren cap. This was, as the parent of the boy on Twitter says, plucked from his head and stomped on the ground. The accompanying photo clearly shows the sadness on the face of the young fan.

McLaren driver Ricciardo responded sympathetically to this message, promising the fan a new cap. "Sorry to hear this, but don’t stress buddy. Makes you look tough! Bullies are the weak ones, don’t forget that. I’ll sort you out with a new hat and some other goodies. Stay up lil homie", said Ricciardo.

Support from McLaren

McLaren themselves also react to the message, as follows: "To all the kind and wonderful fans out there who have supported this strong young man, we just want to let you know that together with Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo we’ve got him covered. Bullying is a scourge and we stand with you all against it."

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