Russell clear on Mercedes rumours: 'I want clarity before Spa'

12-06-2021 15:20 | Updated: 12-06-2021 16:07
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Russell clear on Mercedes rumours: 'I want clarity before Spa'

In recent weeks, George Russell has been mentioned many times as the replacement for Valtteri Bottas at Mercedes. The Finn has been driving for the world champion since 2017 but has never really been able to fight for the championship, while his teammate won the title all years. The first few races so far have been hugely poor for Bottas, so he will have to fear for the future.

Because Russell seems to have the best papers. He was given a one-off slot in Bahrain last year when Lewis Hamilton was sidelined due to a corona infection. He impressed immediately and since then he is often linked to a Mercedes seat. He doesn't want to know about it though.

Clarity for Spa

"I haven't talked about it (with Toto Wolff) yet." According to Russell, he is also not someone who wants to spend months talking about a contract. He'd rather see it settled quickly. "That's always been my mindset. I'm just focused on the here and now, but I'm sure I'll have clarity before the end of the summer break," the Brit explained at

"I think we all want a nice summer break, without hassle with contracts. I know I do and it gives everyone a bit of clarity. We'll really see in the next few weeks." There were also rumours that Russell may take a seat at Mercedes after Silverstone, but it seems that Russell will finish this season at Williams.

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