Verstappen doesn't need any tips from father-in-law: 'Make my own choices'

09-06-2021 10:45 | Updated: 09-06-2021 11:38
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Verstappen doesn't need any tips from father-in-law: 'Make my own choices'

Max Verstappen owes a lot to his father Jos Verstappen and Helmut Marko, but his father-in-law Nelson Piquet is another example to him. His father-in-law hasn't given him any tips though.

Max Verstappen got into a go-kart at a young age, and was never able to leave it. Under the guidance of Jos, Max developed rapidly and in 2015 he made his debut in Formula 1. ''Without him I would never have been here. We did everything together'', Verstappen stressed again on ServusTV.

Contact with Jos

Jos is less often seen during Formula 1 races these days, but Max says the bond hasn't diminished. ''I still talk to him every day and the contact is great. My father doesn't want to give tips anymore, but I can talk to him about everything. That's very important'', says the Dutchman.

At Red Bull he has a second father figure around him in Helmut Marko, and Verstappen has great respect for him too. ''He gave me the chance to start at Toro Rosso and then also the chance at Red Bull. I have a lot of respect for Helmut and also for the rest of the team. I am very happy to be part of this team.''

Father-in-law Piquet

Since last year, however, Verstappen has someone else with whom he can talk about Formula 1 in detail. Kelly Piquet is Verstappen's new girlfriend, and she is the daughter of three-time world champion Nelson Piquet. The Brazilian became world champion in 1981, 1983 and 1987, and obviously has a lot of knowledge about the sport.

''Of course he's a legend in Formula 1,'' says Verstappen about his new father-in-law. Yet Verstappen himself is not going to knock on his father-in-law's door to ask for tips. ''It is my own career. I make my own choices and I will never compare myself to other drivers. That just suits me better'', concludes the Red Bull driver.

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