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Ferrari not expecting miracles after Monaco performance: 'Will change completely'

Ferrari not expecting miracles after Monaco performance: 'Will change completely'

01-06-2021 07:36 Last update: 09:35


Ferrari suddenly emerged during the Monaco Grand Prix as a team that could win a race. The Italians had to settle for second place, and have no illusions that this good weekend will continue.

No illusions after Monaco

Ferrari is fully focused on 2022 this year, so it was a surprise that the team suddenly found themselves competing for pole and victory in Monaco. The engine remains the team's main Achilles heel, with the car strong in slow corners. Nothing shows that more than the streets of Monte Carlo. In Baku, however, the engine gap will become clear again.

''Now begins the part of the season where it will be difficult for us. In Spain, the car was the clear number three and in Monaco, we were even competing for the win, but that situation will change completely during the upcoming races, starting with the one in Baku," Ferrari's Sporting Director Laurent Mekies told Motorsport.it.

Ferrari will 'counter'

''We are already expecting a strong McLaren this weekend'', says Mekies about their big rival. Ferrari almost closed the gap on McLaren with the good performance in Monaco, but with the Mercedes engine McLaren seems to be the favourite again to pick up the points behind the cars of Red Bull Racing and Mercedes.

Mekies has no illusions that there is much more in it for his team this season. It will be about making use of opportunities that arise. ''We have to get the potential out of our car and make the most of every opportunity. To use a football metaphor: ''We will try to defend, and strike on the counter," concludes Ferrari's top man.

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