Marko sees threat from Ferrari: 'This danger does not only exist for us'

29-05-2021 17:21 | Updated: 29-05-2021 17:30
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Marko sees threat from Ferrari: 'This danger does not only exist for us'

One of the big questions that the Monaco Grand Prix has raised this year concerns the surprisingly good performance of Ferrari on the streets of Monte Carlo. Can the Italian outfit continue this upward trend, or will they fall back to the midfield on more regular circuits? Red Bull team principal Helmut Marko shares his views in a new interview.

Asked, in conversation Marko how he estimates the threat from Ferrari after the Monaco Grand Prix, the Austrian is resolute. He even sees Ferrari possibly interfering in the title fight between Red Bull and Mercedes. Marko: "This danger exists, but it exists for Mercedes as much as for us."

Performance in Monaco

"I don't think Monaco will be a one-off race [for Ferrari]", the Red Bull team boss predicts. "They are particularly strong in the slow corners, and on circuits where 'kerb riding' plays an important role."

Looking back at the Monaco Grand Prix, where the accident swept Charles Leclerc from pole position, Marko reinforces his view: "If Charles Leclerc did start from pole, it would have been very difficult to overtake him during the race."

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