Vettel struggling at Aston Martin: 'Does it still make sense?'

17-05-2021 13:28 | Updated: 17-05-2021 13:52
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Vettel struggling at Aston Martin: 'Does it still make sense?'

Formula 1 fans hoped that Sebastian Vettel would find some sparkle again at Aston Martin after a disappointing time at Ferrari. Nothing is further from the truth and after four races, the four-time world champion has yet to score a single point.

Habituation phase over

The German driver is sixteenth in the championship standings with only the drivers from Haas and Williams still behind him. Teammate Lance Stroll however has already scored two points and is eleventh in the championship. Ralf Schumacher also sees that his countryman is struggling. "Sebastian Vettel's task in the coming races will be to dominate his teammate. He has to as a four-time world champion", he told

According to Schumacher, the results really need to improve in the coming period. "If that doesn't happen, at some point you have to ask yourself if it all still makes sense," he said. However, it is still too early to write off Vettel completely. "We have to give him two or three more races, but then the habituation phase at Aston Martin should gradually be over."

Support for Vettel

That Stroll is now doing so much better than Vettel also gnaws at the German. "Of course it weighs on you, but as a driver you always hope that everything will be better next time and you draw courage. Or that there will be an improvement to the car that is more in line with your driving experience. I think that's also a question for the team, who need to support Vettel where they can. I still believe Sebastian Vettel will get his act together."

Next weekend's Formula 1 is in Monaco, where things will hopefully improve for Vettel. "Especially at this circuit you can make the difference as a driver. It's a thin line though, because in a less optimal car you also have to take more risks." Stroll also has the advantage of feeling more at home in the car than Vettel. "Especially in Monaco where you have to be extremely comfortable in the car to fully develop."

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