F1 2021 Game: Schumacher and Senna to feature in "My team" gameplay

17-05-2021 16:00 | Updated: 17-05-2021 16:02
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F1 2021 Game: Schumacher and Senna to feature in My team gameplay

Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna will feature in the F1 2021 game as part of seven iconic Formula 1 drivers available for selection in the Digital Deluxe content for the "My Team" part of the game. Codemasters and EA Sport also reveal Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc will be the cover stars for this year's edition.

This news comes as the producers confirm sprint qualifying races will not feature as part of the F1 season on the game. This will be the first F1 game to be launched on the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles and the first made since the EA Sports acquisition. 

Players can look forward to a brand new Story Mode, expanded Career Mode, new two-player option and more. 

My team

Some of the most legendary drivers will be available for selection as part of the updated "My Team" segment. This feature launched in 2020 and allowed players to build their own race team and compete alongside the likes of Mercedes and Red Bull Racing. Players can seek to sign contracts with different drivers. The following iconic drivers will be available, with their in-game ratings also revealed. 

Cover stars

The cover stars for the 2021 game are seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton and his main rival for the season Max Verstappen. Those two drivers will be joined by Charles Leclerc.

A spokesperson for the game stated: "The three drivers have been in fine form this season with Hamilton aiming for a record-breaking eighth World Championship, as Verstappen tries his best to stop him, whilst Leclerc is flying for the rejuvenated Ferrari team." 

Braking Point is the brand-new story mode where players will take on an “epic journey” from Formula 2 and rising through the ranks to the big stage in Formula 1. It will also offer a taste of the lifestyle on and off the track. Character Devon Butler will make his return in Braking Point.

F1 2021 expands its iconic Career mode with a new two-player option that allows friends to join online and play co-operatively or choose different teams and take rivalries to the track in synchronous race sessions. Career mode also introduces Real-Season Start, enabling players to begin at any point in the season with real-time driver and constructor standings. 

The official worldwide release date for the game is Friday, 16th July 2021. 

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