Does Honda and its loyalty play a role in the decision to further develop RB16B?

15-05-2021 13:06 | Updated: 15-05-2021 14:58
Does Honda and its loyalty play a role in the decision to further develop RB16B?

In 2022 new regulations will enter Formula 1 and that means that the balance of power will be completely redefined. Mercedes and Red Bull Racing have a dilemma, as working on the 2022 car while continuing to develop the current one is a difficult, if not impossible, task. How are the rivals going to solve it?

As of this season there is also a budget cap in the pinnacle of motor sport and so the teams can no longer continue to develop without limits. When will the two top teams stop developing respectively the RB16B and W12? Putting all your focus on next year too soon could cost you a world title.

At the same time, staying too long with the development of the current car could mean that during the opening race in Australia in 2022 you are immediately at a huge disadvantage. Robert Doornbos was asked by what Red Bull can do. "It's a fun discussion in any case," he said.

RB16B to keep developing or not?

The Ziggo Sport analyst understands that it is being said that Red Bull should switch to 2022 early on as well, as a team like Ferrari has also spoken out loud. "But on the other hand, Honda has expressed the commitment, taken a lot of risk and also invested a lot of money to make something of their last year in Formula 1. They want to leave with their heads held high and you have to recognise that loyalty as Red Bull. You now have a unique opportunity to enter the fray. Besides, there are still 1100 people working at Red Bull, you can develop in parallel," Doornbos says.

The former Formula 1 driver would not think it is a good idea of the Austrian racing team if, for example during the summer break, they were to say that they are going to throw away 2021. After all, it is the last year of engine supplier Honda and the Japanese did an excellent job last winter.

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