Marko thinks FIA is also looking at Mercedes: "Car has more than one rear wing"

14-05-2021 16:49 | Updated: 15-05-2021 08:46
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Marko thinks FIA is also looking at Mercedes: Car has more than one rear wing

The rivalry between Mercedes and Red Bull Racing, and especially between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, has led to a psychological warfare between the teams. Hamilton said that the Red Bull's rear wing was 'very flexible' and the FIA introduced an extra test for the part.

Red Bull Racing however maintains that the rear wing has passed all FIA tests and that there is nothing illegal about it. Helmut Marko called Hamilton's comments 'a psychological thing'. It is however possible that the flexible rear wing will need to be modified following the FIA's stricter test.

Marko doesn't take bickering with Wolff too seriously

Marko also doesn't rule out the possibility that Mercedes itself won't completely escape the dance. Comparative images may show less movement in the Mercedes' rear wing than the Red Bull, but as Marko says in conversation with Marko says: "The car has more than one rear wing."

The story of the flexible rear wing is just another chapter in a longer story, with Mercedes and Red Bull trading blows in an attempt to throw each other off balance. Marko, however, is light on the snark between him and Toto Wolff. "From my side it's not something to take too seriously," grins Marko. "Mr Wolff is doing his job, and at the moment they are doing it very well. You have to be able to acknowledge that without envy."

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