Ecclestone: 'Fans of Verstappen I have to take that hope away'

11-05-2021 12:26 | Updated: 11-05-2021 12:35
Ecclestone: 'Fans of Verstappen I have to take that hope away'

Bernie Ecclestone is perhaps the biggest fan of Max Verstappen, but he does not see the Dutch talent winning his first world championship in 2021. According to the former owner of Formula 1, Verstappen is doing everything in his power to win the title, but there is simply no match for the Lewis Hamilton-Mercedes combination.

"Now this sport has two drivers on equal footing again, as with Senna and Prost in the past," Ecclestone stated in an interview with Blick. He told the Swiss newspaper that he hoped for a similar fight for the world title, but the 90-year-old Briton has his head screwed on.

No World Championship for Verstappen?

The billionaire does not bring good news for Max Verstappen's supporters. "Unfortunately, I have to deny the fans of this great fighter from the Netherlands the hope of the title for 2021. Hamilton is currently driving as well as he never has before. Thanks in part to Verstappen. Lewis is impeccable, calm and intelligent. He doesn't get involved in heated duels and always respectfully gives his opponents the space they need to survive," Ecclestone explained.

In recent years, the seven-time world champion has often been preoccupied with all manner of things in the media. Now he seems more focused than ever and is also letting off less steam on social media. "All this makes him even stronger in the cockpit. Verstappen might be as good in terms of driving, but Lewis has the better team and the more reliable equipment behind him. And he can always count on these two factors."

Mercedes has things in order

The reliability of the Mercedes engine has been fantastic again this season. Whereas there is at least one problem with the Honda engine every weekend (although Verstappen has been spared this), this has not really been the case with the German manufacturer's power units in 2021 so far.

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