Verstappen on track limits: 'Must provide clear boundary'

06-05-2021 16:52 | Updated: 06-05-2021 19:53
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Verstappen on track limits: 'Must provide clear boundary'

Max Verstappen has thought of a solution to the problems with track limits. The driver would like to see gravel trays on the outside of the circuits. But the chance that the FIA and the circuits will work out this idea seems very small.

Finding a middle ground with MotoGP

Every weekend the debate around track limits comes back. In Portugal, Verstappen lost his pole time and the fastest lap of the race because he went too wide during those laps. To fix the problem, Verstappen would like to see clearer limits on the outside of the circuits.

The Dutchman understands that it is difficult to adjust circuits just like that, especially since Formula 1 shares many tracks with, for example, MotoGP. "I think we have to find a middle ground that works for both parties because with our speed we can really abuse the corners. That makes it difficult to make a judgment," Verstappen said in conversation with the Italian branch of The eleven-time Grand Prix winner would like to see more gravel beds around the circuit.

Rules not clear enough

Verstappen does know that the gravel beds aren't very good for the circuits themselves: "It makes track days more difficult and it means more gravel on the track, which in turn is going to be an expense."

At the moment track limits are still too irregular thinks Verstappen: "There are certain points where you can go over kerbs, while at other places they are checked with sensors. The situation is very confusing. We can improve the situation by making sure there is a clear limit when you go off the kerbs," he concludes.

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