Ferrari sets high bar for 2022: 'Then again the measuring stick for others'

07-04-2021 07:43 | Updated: 07-04-2021 08:48
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Ferrari sets high bar for 2022: 'Then again the measuring stick for others'

Ferrari suffered in 2020 due to the disappointing performance of its engine. That engine has been improved in 2021 and that is yielding immediate results. However, Mattia Binotto is already looking ahead to 2022.

New engine works wonders

Ferrari had a particularly tough time in 2020. The Italian racing team was punished by the FIA that year after it had fiddled with that year's engine in 2019. Consequently, in 2020 Ferrari, Haas and Alfa Romeo fell way back, and for Ferrari, it even meant a low point with a sixth-place finish among the constructors.

In 2021 Ferrari will have a new engine again and judging by the performance in Bahrain, Ferrari seems to have made another step forward. Red Bull Racing and Mercedes are still out of reach, but there can be a fight with McLaren. ''The powerplant has definitely improved and I'm happy to see that Sauber and Haas have made progress,'' Binotto told

Ferrari the yardstick again

Ferrari however also looks ahead. The current malaise is not only caused by the problems with the engine but also the car isn't at its best. Because teams are no longer allowed to develop everything, Ferrari is now focusing on 2022, where new technical regulations will give them a good chance to catch up. For this year a new engine will be introduced.

''I think we are still missing something with the engine, but less than before so the gap is getting smaller, and I think it is all getting closer together. Next year we will have a completely new engine again and hopefully, by then we will have closed the gap or even become the measuring stick for the others'', concludes the Ferrari team boss.

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