Drive to Survive Season 3: What's in store?

19-03-2021 06:00
Drive to Survive Season 3: What's in store?

After months of waiting, today is finally here: Drive to Survive Season 3 is available to watch via Netfix. Starting mid-morning, all ten episodes will be immediately all viewable by subscribers of the streaming service.

Drive to Survive combines the action on the track with unique behind-the-scenes footage filmed at Grand Prix's and in the teams' factories. The drivers are followed closely and you get a unique insight into what it's like to be a Formula 1 driver.

The storylines for the third season of the successful documentary have not yet been confirmed. However, it is very likely that the historic seventh world title of Lewis Hamilton, the first victories of Pierre Gasly and Sergio Perez and the debut of George Russell in Mercedes will be highlighted.

Behind the scenes

Lando Norris' first podium in Austria will also be discussed and Red Bull Racing will be followed. The much-discussed crash between Alexander Albon and Lewis Hamilton will reportedly also feature in the same episode. Netflix was also present for other eye-catching events such as the sudden return of Nico Hulkenberg and the double failure for Ferrari at the historic Monza circuit.

Despite the outbreak of the coronavirus, Netflix was able to attend all the GPs, which means that all the highlights of the past 2020 season were captured on film. Everything you never saw before, is now available for all fans. Check out the trailer below.

Trailer Drive to Survive Season 3

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