Perez on Abiteboul tattoo: We need to find him

Perez on Abiteboul tattoo: "We need to find him"

18-03-2021 13:06 Last update: 13:48

Cyril Abiteboul left the Renault team as team boss last year, but the Frenchman has yet to get a tattoo. Abiteboul made a bet with Daniel Ricciardo last year. If the Australian driver would achieve a podium finish in 2020 he would get a tattoo, but that did not happen. Sergio Perez has an opinion about it though.

The new Red Bull Racing driver believes Abiteboul must still deliver on his promise. "Did Cyril get his tattoo done?", Max Verstappen's teammate asked Tom Clarkson in the podcast Beyond the Grid: "Because he's gone now, we need to find him. The F1 community should to do something about that and get Cyril back."

Perez himself doesn't dare make a bet to get a tattoo with Christian Horner. "No, but I think at some point we will do something else," replied the Mexican. So what exactly that will be is not yet clear.

Ricciardo is going to do something about it

Daniel Ricciardo recently indicated to various media that he is not going to throw in the towel. The tattoo at Abiteboul will come sooner or later. "You're definitely going to find out when I'm done with Cyril. Unfortunately that hasn't happened yet. But it will happen, it will happen," said the driver who made the switch from Renault to McLaren.

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