All new liveries of 2021 in a row: which is your favourite?

05-03-2021 15:39 | Updated: 05-03-2021 16:42
All new liveries of 2021 in a row: which is your favourite?

For many Formula 1 fans, the first week of March was a feast. No less than four cars and one livery were presented prior to the winter test that starts on March 12. This brings the total of cars shown to nine, with only Ferrari still missing.

A number of presentations were made early on

Earlier, McLaren, AlphaTauri, Alfa Romeo and Red Bull Racing showed the challengers of 2021. As expected, the cars themselves remained pretty much the same, but the colours were changed at Alfa Romeo and AlphaTauri. Alfa Romeo chose to reverse red and white compared to 2020 and AlphaTauri used a lot more navy blue on its new car.

This week it was the turn of Mercedes, Alpine, Aston Martin, Haas and Williams. Of those teams, only Mercedes had few changes for the new season. Alpine removed the yellow of Renault as expected and came out with a sky blue livery. Aston Martin brought back the colour green on the grid with a touch of pink from sponsor BWT.

New colours for Haas and Williams

Haas will leave the car in the garage for a while but did show a new livery that is already controversial. UralKali is the new main sponsor of the team. New driver Nikita Mazepin took his father's company to Haas, giving the American team a brand new livery including the Russian flag. This while Mazepin is not allowed to drive under the Russian flag due to a doping scandal in Russia.

Last but not least was Williams this week. The team's car has been given a completely new retro look by combining several shades of blue and yellow. What is particularly striking about the British team is the lack of sponsors. Apart from a few small logos, the Williams is quite empty. Now we have to wait for Ferrari, who will present their car at 10. What is your favourite livery of 2021 so far? Vote in the poll and leave a comment!

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