Coronel thinks Verstappen has a chance: "We'll hear Hamilton grumble a lot"

27-02-2021 14:52 | Updated: 27-02-2021 15:21
Coronel thinks Verstappen has a chance: We'll hear Hamilton grumble a lot

Tom Coronel thinks that Lewis Hamilton will find it a lot harder next season compared to recent years. Coronel expects competition especially from Max Verstappen with Red Bull Racing. According to the 48-year old driver, it is possible that only late in the season it will become clear who the new world champion is.

"In the past years, Hamilton became world champion way too early of course, way before the end of the season. But that was then: I seriously expect something special this year," Coronel stated in an interview with Formule The analyst expects that in 2021 it will be very close at the front in Formula 1.

Hamilton onboard radio

The WTCR driver is extremely confident in Honda, which should allow Red Bull Racing to join the German world champion. "Honda is going to give it their all with a new engine before they leave Formula 1 again. Because it has to happen now. I am not saying Max will be champion, but we will hear Hamilton grumble a lot on the radio. He always does that when someone is breathing down his neck", he explains.

In the eyes of Coronel Hamilton, has had it far too easy in recent years. Therefore it is good to see that Max Verstappen's team seems to be on the right track. "Red Bull is just getting closer and closer to Mercedes, the difference just can't be bigger than last year. Honda is going all-in. If they don't succeed this year, they will never succeed again."

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