Gasly vs. Tsunoda: Who will win the 2021 teammate battle in the AlphaTauri team?

24-02-2021 10:50 | Updated: 24-02-2021 10:58
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Gasly vs. Tsunoda: Who will win the 2021 teammate battle in the AlphaTauri team?

Yuki Tsunoda and Pierre Gasly will drive the circuit next season under the Alpha Tauri banner. The juniors have not been inferior to each other in their class so far, which will ensure a fierce battle during the 2021 Formula 1 season. We list their track records and look ahead to 2021.

Pierre Gasly has had a seat at Scuderia AlphaTauri for a while now and will have a new teammate next season with Yuki Tsunoda. The two drivers could provide an internal struggle during the coming season. Especially if Tsunoda has his way, because the newcomer wants to beat Gasly in 2021. So there is no lack of drive, but what do the statistics from the junior careers of the men say?

Quite a small gap between Gasly and Tsunoda

Gasly was allowed to climb no less than 45 podiums in his career, 13 of them with a victory and 2 titles. Tsunoda climbed the podium 'only' 37 times, but won 16 races and only one title. Both drivers have in the past 16 Pole Positions to their name. All in all, no big differences on this front, although Gasly overtakes Tsunoda in the number of podiums he was allowed to climb and the same goes for the number of titles.

Tsunoda in turn beats Gasly when it comes to the total number of points and the number of fastest laps. Indeed, on these surfaces, Tsunoda has recorded 1123 points and 12 fastest laps, while Gasly has to make do with 1002 points and 11 fastest laps.

Will Gasly's experience win out over Tsunoda?

Although Tsunoda wants to make things difficult for Gasly, the expectations do not yet speak in favour of the Japanese driver. Tsunoda is only just entering the world of Formula 1, while Gasly has already driven a few laps. With this experience, Gasly is already used to the speed of the class, while Tsunoda will have to get used to it in the first real races. Tsunoda, in turn, is a promising driver who is eager to leave his mark and has a clear goal in mind: to leave his teammate behind. The Japanese driver's mindset could well make it difficult for Gasly.

It is likely that the two men will not be far apart in terms of position in 2021, but who will win the internal competition in the stable of AlphaTauri remains to be seen. One thing can be said ahead of the first race of the Formula 1 season in Bahrain on March 28: it will be an exciting battle!

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Who will win the 2021 internal race for AlphaTauri?

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