Marko doesn't believe Wolff: 'Mercedes has won all titles since then'

23-02-2021 07:50 | Updated: 23-02-2021 08:19
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Marko doesn't believe Wolff: 'Mercedes has won all titles since then'

In an interview on Monday, Toto Wolff talked about the competition and pointed out Red Bull Racing as the favourite. A well-known trick of the Austrian, who tries to do so every year. Helmut Marko, however, is not falling for it this year.

The battle with Mercedes

Mercedes have won the constructors' and drivers' championship seven years in a row, yet every time at the beginning of the year they talk about the competition. Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren and Aston Martin are pointed out as the rivals, but in the end Mercedes get the title fairly easily. Marko sees that too.

''At the moment there is no racing going on, so you have to create tension with words. We hope to be upfront, but Mercedes is the clear favourite. They have won all the titles since the hybrid era and as for Aston Martin, I don't believe they will have a completely different rear end to Mercedes. The past has taught us that," Marko sneered to

Start of the F1 season

It will take some time before the season really starts. On 12, 13 and 14 March the test days are held in Bahrain, to be followed two weeks later by the Bahrain Grand Prix. Marko plans ahead with his team, possibly staying in the Middle East between the test and the Grand Prix.

''That is the plan for the moment. After the Formula 1 test there is also a Formula 2 test to watch. It is best to stay as long as possible, to avoid any chance of contamination as well.'' Marko also has some news about the Portugal GP. ''Contrary to other reports, I have the information that the Portuguese GP will go ahead as usual,'' the Red Bull chief concludes.

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