Who suffered the most DNFs in the 2020 season?

26-01-2021 16:16 | Updated: 26-01-2021 20:38
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Who suffered the most DNFs in the 2020 season?

Max Verstappen will have mixed feelings about last season. He was in excellent form, perhaps better than ever, but the gap between Red Bull Racing and Mercedes once again proved too large. In addition, the Dutchman experienced a number of dropouts. But which unfortunate driver made it to the finish line the least often in 2020?

We describe the statistics in an Instagram post. In it, we made a top ten based on the highest percentage of DNFs in 2020.

Kevin Magnussen

Leading the list is Kevin Magnussen. He failed to finish no less than seven times in 2020, which is enough for a percentage of 41 percent. However, it must be said here that almost all of these dropouts occurred through no fault of his own.

Lance Stroll

In second place is Lance Stroll with five dropouts, which is good for a percentage of 31 percent. Whereas Magnussen has the excuse of a car that regularly let him down and a usual starting spot in the chaotic middle ground, this is not the case for Stroll.

Max Verstappen

A remarkable third place for Max Verstappen, who has shown his best side just this season. Yet in no less than 29 percent of his races, he failed to reach the finish line. Like Stroll, he crashed out five times, although Stroll's percentage is slightly higher because he missed a race due to the coronavirus.

For Verstappen, too, none of his dropouts were self-inflicted. He crashed out three times due to reliability issues, suffered a blowout in Imola and ended up in the tyre wall at the Sakhir Grand Prix thanks to Charles Leclerc. One incident that can be attributed to the Dutchman is the collision with the tyre wall in the formation lap for the Hungarian Grand Prix: This did not end in a DNF however as the mechanics managed to repair the damaged suspension within 20 minutes.

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