Jordan: 'He has the speed to be world champion'

26-01-2021 12:30 | Updated: 26-01-2021 14:34
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Jordan: 'He has the speed to be world champion'

Lance Stroll will have Sebastian Vettel alongside him this year, taking Sergio Perez's place. With the arrival of Vettel, Aston Martin F1 Team is taking a new direction, but according to Eddie Jordan, signing the German was not the best idea. He recently hinted at this, but now states that it can also bring benefits. For Stroll in particular.

Transformation into a champion

Lance Stroll is a driver with many years of experience, but his performances are still somewhat inconsistent. One moment he is rising above himself and the next he is nowhere to be seen. This is something Sebastian Vettel can play an important role in, namely the transformation to a world champion. At least, that's what Eddie Jordan says in conversation with The Race.

"We were all maybe thinking ‘is that the right thing with Lance?’, and you’d have to say that Lance’s speed is undoubted now. You have to look at him as a driver that sometimes he doesn’t always show his speed as much as he should, or can do. He has enormous talent. And he has the speed to be a world champion, he really, really does."

"But what I would like to see is more consistency. You go to a race and I’m not sure what I’m likely to see from Lance. I think Vettel coming can help them to do that. I think that Vettel may spur him on, just like Vettel spurred on Leclerc," which could see the Canadian emerge as a more consistent driver.

Completely different driver

With that idea in mind, Jordan estimates some changes in the driver Stroll, saying, "And it could be that you might find a completely different driver in Lance Stroll this year." Also because he is now up against Vettel, who unlike Perez is a four-time world champion, which is a driver of a slightly different calibre.

"For sure he’s (Stroll) got speed, and I think once a driver has the speed then anything is possible. I think he will up his game into something really, really strong, partly because it’s Aston Martin now, partly because he has something to prove against Vettel."

Something team boss Otmar Szafnauer also implied earlier. The Romanian said: "We also think Sebastian will bring out the best in Lance, with Lance pushing Sebastian hard in return. It’s the ideal blend of experience, race-winning knowhow, and raw talent."

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