McLaren reveal small part of 2021 car!

18-01-2021 13:03 | Updated: 18-01-2021 15:15
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McLaren reveal small part of 2021 car!

Alpine got there early this year, revealing its livery for 2021. Most of the other teams will follow in February, but McLaren has already given a small hint on Monday afternoon about what their new livery will be.

Another Papaya orange McLaren

In the photo the Woking-based team shared on social media, the recognizable Papaya orange color that the team has been driving with for a few years is clearly visible. The MCL35M will also probably feature the colours black and blue again.

Last year Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris drove with the same colors. Although, the blue that can be seen in the photo is just tape and is not necessarily the paint colour.

How the proportions of the colour palette will look is not shown in the photo. It's just a little hint. Check out the photo below.

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