Formula 1 legends against their teammates: who has the best score?

18-01-2021 11:00
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Formula 1 legends against their teammates: who has the best score?

Last season, Lewis Hamilton broke or equaled the most important records set by Michael Schumacher. This makes him the undisputed most successful Formula 1 driver of all time statistically. It is less easy to answer the question of whether he is the best. Below is a table to make it even more difficult.

The question of who is the best F1 driver of all time is often also a matter of opinion. Still, it remains fun to discuss and the more information you have the better.

One of the ways that is often looked at to estimate the quality of a driver is the mutual duel with teammates. By adding up the results during the careers of the best drivers, you can therefore make a sort of ranking as they do for boxers.

Perfect score impossible?

The following list is based on the total number of points achieved at the end of the season compared to a teammate. Seasons in which many races were missed by the relevant driver are not taken into account.

This is not an exact science, because certainly in the past many drivers only drove a few races per season for a team. In the case of Prost and Senna, they took points together and Verstappen also drove four races for Toro Rosso in his first season alongside Ricciardo.

It does make it clear that it is difficult to have a perfect score at the end of your career and Alonso shows that the number of world titles does not always say everything.

F1 legends, teammate battles

Driver Score Difference
Michael Schumacher 14 - 3 +11
Fernando Alonso 14 - 3 +11
Lewis Hamilton 12 - 2 +10
Alain Prost 10 - 2 +8
Ayrton Senna 8 - 1 +7
Sebastian Vettel 10 - 3 +7
Jackie Stewart 7 - 2 +6
Juan Manuel Fangio 6 - 1 +5
Jim Clark 6 - 1 +5
Max Verstappen 4 - 2 +2

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