Quarter of F1 drivers have now tested positive for COVID-19: "It's not acceptable"

17-01-2021 18:33 | Updated: 17-01-2021 21:31
by GPblog.com
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Quarter of F1 drivers have now tested positive for COVID-19: It's not acceptable

In the last six months, five F1 drivers have now tested positive for the coronavirus, three of them in the last month and a half. In most cases, this happened after an international trip. Journalist Thomas Maher thinks that the drivers should show more responsibility.

Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll had to miss out on races in the summer of 2020 because of positive coronavirus tests. Lewis Hamilton did the same in December and during the winter break Lando Norris and Charles Leclerc also tested positive. For the latter three this all happened after a trip to Dubai.

Now that pictures of Pierre Gasly on holiday have reappeared, Maher can't help but comment on the drivers' actions. In an earlier column for FormulaSpy.com he had already said that it is anti-social that these drivers go on holiday while colleagues like George Russell have chosen to stay at home.

Public must speak out against popular drivers

He therefore believes that public opinion should be a little harsher in its judgement of these drivers. Their popularity should not protect them from this. "Leclerc & Norris are two of the most popular drivers for their embracing of social media. But think of how different the public response would be if it was the likes of Nikita Mazepin who come forward next."

"It’s time for the public to make it clear: It’s not acceptable to be travelling for fun, regardless of your status. Making it clear to their social media channels that their behaviour is selfish and inconsiderate, as well as downright dangerous to everyone around them," said a very outspoken Maher.

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