Tsunoda's 2019 team boss praises his "exceptional" race craft

14-01-2021 16:03 | Updated: 14-01-2021 16:54
by GPblog.com
Tsunoda's 2019 team boss praises his exceptional race craft

Trevor Carlin is not surprised that Red Bull Racing have decided to transfer Yuki Tsunoda to AlphaTauri after just one season in Formula 2. Tsunoda's 2019 team boss praised his race craft as "exceptional".

"We developed the drivers to take care of the tyres in the race," Carlin explained to the Formula 2 official website. It gave the 20-year-old driver a huge advantage in the races. “We were fast, while still keeping the tyres alive, which meant that we were really strong at the end of races when everyone else had worn out their tyres. So yeah, our speed was great, but our tyre management was fantastic as well."

Tsunoda managed to impress a lot, despite the season being a lot shorter than usual. "I think our race craft, certainly Yuki's, was exceptional. That’s down to the work that the engineers put in to help him work out how to control the tyres, teaching him how to save them without losing too much pace. For me, that’s where we were really strong."

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