Leclerc modest about 2021: "We prefer to be low on expectations"

08-12-2020 20:26 | Updated: 09-12-2020 14:16
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Leclerc modest about 2021: We prefer to be low on expectations

Where the Ferrari's have certainly been able to get along well with the other two top teams in recent years, they are now lucky if both cars score points. Ferrari is not doing well with the SF1000 and as the cars are largely the same next year, they will have to bite the sour apple next season. So the focus is already on 2022, but nevertheless, Charles Leclerc remains hopeful.

Expectations not too high

Ferrari is, of course, working on various improvements for 2021, within the framework of what is permitted by the rules. Although Leclerc does not expect major improvements, the general perception is that it will at least be better than this year. For example, Ferrari has now overcome several challenges and that creates confidence.

Leclerc says to the BBC: "We shouldn't have too much high expectations, but on the other hand I feel confident it will be better than this year and I really hope so. We have done a good job in the last few races to tackle our issues, and I see how hard everyone is working in Maranello.

"People are just pushing at the maximum. And I hear positive things. You can never know until the first qualifying of the season. We are confident we are doing a good job but we prefer to be low on expectations because we don't know how good a job the others are doing," Leclerc tempered the general expectations a bit.

The fact remains that Red Bull Racing and Mercedes, but also Racing Point, Renault and McLaren don't sit still. The current season proves this, where the battle for the lower places in the constructors' championship will only be fought in the very last race.

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