Honda is getting ready for a huge test: 'This is going to be an exciting race'

03-12-2020 08:12 | Updated: 03-12-2020 11:26
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Honda is getting ready for a huge test: 'This is going to be an exciting race'

The Grand Prix of Bahrain was for Honda ultimately one where it could proudly walk away. Red Bull Racing started P3 and P4 and eventually even became P2 and P3. For the second race in Sakhir the challenge for Honda will be even greater.

Outer Loop in Bahrain

Honda has improved considerably in recent years. Where it used to be the laughing stock of the field with McLaren, it now manages to win races and is often on the podium in the cooperation with Red Bull. At the Outer Loop in Bahrain, Honda's power will really be tested, because with only eleven official corners, it's all about power.

''This weekend, we race at the same Bahrain facility as last week, but on a different layout known as the Outer Track. At around 3.5 km in length, it is unusual for Formula 1 in having a high percentage of straight sections and the lap time is expected to be under a minute. This should make for an exciting and unusual race for the fans to enjoy," says Toyoharu Tanabe in the preview of Honda.

The Honda engine

''In terms of PU settings and energy management, we will be begin the weekend relying on our simulation data and then combine it with what we learn during the free practice sessions, as we have done at the other new venues this season, to optimise the PUs for qualifying and the race."

"With a short lap and the many straights, it will be vital for teams to select the right moment to send the cars out on track especially during qualifying, to deal with the traffic and also to make use of the slipstream effect. That’s down to our two teams and we can rely on them to make the right decisions, so quick communication between us will be important. Last Sunday, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing ensured it finishes second in the Constructors’ Championship which is a positive result and it will motivate us to keep pushing hard for the final two races of the season," concludes the Honda boss.

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