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Verstappen jokes: 'My father thinks I'm way too relaxed'

Verstappen jokes: 'My father thinks I'm way too relaxed'

02-12-2020 19:43


In the third episode of the conversation between Max Verstappen and Edwin Evers on Youtube, the two sit down to address the changing relationship between Max and his father Jos, who has also been his mentor since a young age. This cooperation didn't always go smoothly, Max lets Evers know. 

Now that he himself has gained the necessary experience in the royal class, the role of father Jos has moved a little further into the background, the Dutchman admits: "You have to do your own thing more and more. But I still call my father every day."

At earlier moments in his son’s career, Jos had a much stronger presence, and he also had more to say about the set-up of the car. This is really different now, says Max: "He really doesn't have to tell me what to do anymore. But that was always the goal. Of course, he wanted to make me better than he was."


"I personally think he looks forward to such a weekend more than I do. He often finds it more exciting than I do", says Verstappen, referring to his father. "I myself have always been so relaxed, and that used to be a struggle between us. That he thought I was too relaxed. He would say: 'You have to be more on top of it'. But you can't force things." 

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