George Russell finally gets a golden chance to showcase his speed in F1

02-12-2020 09:56
George Russell finally gets a golden chance to showcase his speed in F1

George Russell has been trundling around at the back of the grid for almost two years. The Brit, who has just about made the best of a poor situation at Williams, finally gets the chance to step up towards the front of the grid. In Bahrain this weekend, for once he'll be the one attacking blue flags rather than stepping aside. Something he has deserved for a very long time. 

My Generation

In 2017, George Russell stormed to victory in the GP3 series earning a drive in F2. He joined the likes of Lando Norris and Alexander Albon in Formula 2, Russell topped the lot to win the Formula 2 title in his debut season. 

As a result, Russell moved straight up to Formula 1. Norris, Albon bridged the gap with him, while Charles Leclerc moved up the year before. Almost immediately, Leclerc and Albon ended up at the front of the grid at Ferrari and Red Bull respectively, while Norris wasn't far off the pace in his McLaren. The three of them have constantly put Russell down when you're talking 'bout that generation. 

After 36 races, the Williams driver has yet to score a single point in Formula 1. Meanwhile, the others in his generation have been scooping up championship point after championship point. Norris, Albon, Leclerc and you can even count Max Verstappen in that generation as well, have been on the podium. After winning the Formula 2 title, you'd expect Russell to do the best, or at least be on par with Verstappen and Leclerc. 

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All the blame at Williams?

Russell made his Williams debut in 2019. Just when Williams had reached rock bottom. And they've hardly lifted themselves up since, although there looks to be some light at the end of the tunnel with the new investment and stronger development this season. 

With the team being at rock bottom, Russell has hardly been able to showcase his real performance. At least on a Sunday. Looking at qualifying results and you really get a sense of Russell's pace. 

Two years, 36 Grands Prix and he lies unbeaten on a Saturday. And this is what has probably kept Russell focused and motivated. While he is seeing drivers he has previously beaten in F2 sit at the top of F1, he has been able to at least steel some attention in his troubled machinery. 

Twice he has finished 11th, three times he has finished 12th with one of those P12 finishes came in the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix. There's no doubt Russell has been close to getting points, but it's never quite happened. He won't be able to forget the time he crashed under the safety car when in a great position to score points at the 2020 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix. 

First points almost guaranteed?

This weekend, he'll finally get the chance to score points. After waiting patiently, he has finally been able to trump the rivals from his generation. When he sees blue flags, he won't be pulling over. Instead, he'll be the one leaving them in his tracks and that will be a special moment for him. 

Everyone knows the dominance Mercedes have had for many years. And Russell, who is replacing Lewis Hamilton after the seven-time World Champion tested positive for COVID-19, steps into a car which has scored points in each of the last 48 Grands Prix. In fact, that statistic goes further. Hamilton has scored points in 81 of the last 82 Grands Prix. 

From that, you'd think Russell is almost certain to score points. But Valtteri Bottas, his teammate this weekend, didn't score points in the Turkish Grand Prix and only managed 8th last time out. 

Even though he is in the strongest car, he still has work to do. And that's a good thing because he will get a direct chance to prove he deserves that Mercedes seat. And maybe he can even pose a serious challenge to knock Bottas of his perch at the German racing team. But at least he'll be back at the front of the grid, alongside those from his generation. 

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