Vettel admits race was over after restart clash with Leclerc

30-11-2020 17:10 | Updated: 30-11-2020 20:52
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Vettel admits race was over after restart clash with Leclerc

In all the chaos of the initial phase of the Bahrain Grand Prix, there was also an incident between Ferrari drivers Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc. Vettel expressed his displeasure at the action of his teammate on the on-board radio.

Vettel not happy with Leclerc

Both drivers did not start the race from an ideal position: Vettel 12th, Leclerc 13th. Vettel tried to make up places during the restart after Romain Grosjean's crash, but this didn't end well. According to Vettel had cooled down after the race, but was still not happy with Leclerc's moves.

He was in 10th place when Leclerc surprised him with a bold overtaking action. "He can't just do that," said Vettel on the on-board radio. "This is the same as in Austria. This time I should have crashed, maybe that would have been better."

"I paid extra attention to Charles who was a bit ruthless in my eyes. But from that moment on it was almost over. I lost a lot at the start because I was cut off while I was watching him," Vettel said after the race

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