Drivers don't want a repeat of Grand Prix Turkey: "An anomaly"

22-11-2020 14:25 | Updated: 22-11-2020 14:54
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Drivers don't want a repeat of Grand Prix Turkey: An anomaly

The conditions during the Grand Prix weekend in Turkey were difficult to say the least. The track was extremely slippery, and rain during qualifying and the race ddn't help.

A number of drivers have spoken out about these circumstances, and that they would rather not see this happen again, reports.

Chaos and idiotic driving

"If you want chaos and drivers who drive like idiots, you'd be better off watching another race class or sport," says Williams driver George Russell. "The concrete ground outside the track, which is normally very slippery, provided more grip than the track itself."

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc agrees with Russell, although he saw it as a challenge. "These kinds of conditions shouldn't become the standard for Formula 1," said the Monegask. "It was a lot of fun to drive with so little grip," he said.

Renault driver Daniel Ricciardo describes the race weekend as an anomaly. "If we've learned anything from this weekend, it's likely that we won't experience such an anomaly again."

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