McLaren thwarts the plans of Alonso and Renault, Ferrari sees opportunities

12-11-2020 10:22 | Updated: 12-11-2020 12:04
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McLaren thwarts the plans of Alonso and Renault, Ferrari sees opportunities

Renault is still trying to get Fernando Alonso testing in their current Formula 1 car. Renault wants to have the Spaniard tested in Abu Dhabi, but McLaren of all people are against this happening.

McLaren thwarts Alonso's plans 

According to the Spanish, Renault has still set its sights on a test for Alonso in Abu Dhabi. The tests had actually been cancelled, but the FIA wanted to take advantage of this moment to let teams drive with their talents. The rule, therefore, is that drivers may have driven a maximum of two races in Formula 1.

Fernando Alonso obviously does not meet this requirement, but Renault believes that there are too few testing opportunities for the drivers. Renault has already had Alonso drive kilometres in a car from 2018, but a more recent car cannot be used. 

Ferrari offers an opportunity

The British race stable does not want to test at all in Abu Dhabi. The team is struggling financially and would not like to stay in Abu Dhabi any longer than necessary. In addition, McLaren themselves do not have any juniors in their program, so other talents have to be borrowed for the test.

For this reason, McLaren does not want Renault to be able to test, because they would have a sporting advantage. On the contrary, Ferrari does support Renault, as they are said to want to use Carlos Sainz during this test, in order to get him used to Ferrari's car. In other words, all the teams are trying to find a way not to have to test with young talents.

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