Williams team boss: "I caused confusion and I'm sorry"

30-10-2020 12:27 | Updated: 30-10-2020 14:41
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Williams team boss: I caused confusion and I'm sorry

George Russell and Nicholas Latifi can breathe a sigh of relief. The two drivers were previously confirmed for 2021, but speculation started after a remarkable statement by the Williams team boss. He is now making his apologies.

There seemed to be no problem with Williams, who had even announced before the departure of the Williams family that Russell and Latifi would be active for the team in 2021. Now, however, there were rumours that Sergio Perez was on the hunt for this seat and that the new leadership was open to Perez's experience and pocket money.

Roberts confirms

The rumour mill got underway when Simon Roberts, Williams' interim team boss, at the press conference last week, refused to respond to these rumours and said nothing about his lineup for 2021. A mistake, as the team boss himself now acknowledges. ''I probably caused some confusion last week and I'm sorry about that," says Robert according to Racefans.net.

''We didn't really want to comment at all on the position of our drivers because our current drivers were confirmed earlier this year. So nothing has changed and this is in our lineup for this year and also 2021. We are very happy with the drivers and are looking forward to continue working with them," Roberts concludes.

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