Who is the best driver? "I would like to see those drivers in one team"

29-10-2020 18:55 | Updated: 29-10-2020 21:42
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Who is the best driver? I would like to see those drivers in one team

It's an endless discussion as to who the best driver is, and where Damon Hill said you can't compare old drivers to newcomers, he calls Lewis Hamilton the best driver of his generation. But the Brit takes on Verstappen and even in the recent past, Sebastian Vettel has been a formidable opponent.

Then you'll see who's the best

It is a creative case of wishful thinking, but 'Mister DTM' Bernd Schneider states that you can only really see who is the best if you place the three drivers mentioned in a team. He says at AvD Motorsport Magazin: "I would like to see Sebastian, Lewis and Max in one team. Only then you can see, who is the best. For sure Lewis Hamilton is the non-plus-ultra right now."

But besides that, Schneider, for now, goes with Michael Schumacher: "For me, Michael Schumacher was exceptional - as a driver and human being. For me, he will always be an icon, no matter if others are breaking his records. Michael is the best package, I have ever seen."

Bad year for Vettel

Whether Sebastian Vettel belongs in this list is again a separate discussion, the four-time champion is not doing very good business in his Ferrari at the moment. Schneider agrees and says the situation is distressing, but for the German, it is not over at all.

"When a four-times world champion is half a second slower than a young guy, it cannot only be the driver. I think next year he will show what he can do. He's still motivated and young enough," and Vettel has to settle for that because this year is finished.

"This year is a lost year for Vettel. I can understand that he is frustrated and am convinced, we will still see a lot of positives from him", which he will have to do next year at Racing Point where he will take Sergio Perez's place. In his place will be Carlos Sainz, who leaves McLaren at the end of the season.

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