Damon Hill is sure of it: "He's the best driver of his era"

28-10-2020 20:12 | Updated: 28-10-2020 23:15
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Damon Hill is sure of it: He's the best driver of his era

With the records now in Lewis Hamilton's pocket on his way to his seventh title, the discussion about who the best driver ever is is back in the spotlight. It remains a discussion of all times, where you can actually ask the question whether it makes any sense at all to put Hamilton next to, for example, greats from the past. According to former F1 driver and champion Damon Hill, that is very difficult.

Changed landscape

"When you go for the 'Greatest Of All Time' this is not the same era as it was in Fangio's day or Moss's day. The landscape has changed in terms of risk, for example, and also the number of races they do, reliability and all those sorts of things. So it's very difficult to compare," says Damon Hill in a video from Sky Sports.

"But there's no question that Lewis is the best driver of his era. Sadly we wouldn’t be able to put him next to Michael Schumacher directly. I know he joined the team just after Michael with Mercedes. It doesn’t work like that." That's a pity indeed, because it would have been interesting to see those two together in a team, although Schumacher was over his peak at the time.

"What you can say is that right now he's knocking down all of the records and making new ones. No one can touch him," said Hill.

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