Mercedes on way to a new record in an already unique weekend at Imola

29-10-2020 16:52 | Updated: 29-10-2020 21:31
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Mercedes on way to a new record in an already unique weekend at Imola

Lewis Hamilton set a new record last weekend when he won his 92nd Grand Prix. If the race at Imola goes normally, his team will break another record from the Schumacher period.

In fact, between 1999 and 2004, Ferrari became the world manufacturer's world champion six times in a row. A record that the Scuderia have shared with Mercedes since last season. That will probably change this weekend, at the F1 circuit closest to Maranello.

Mercedes currently have a lead of 209 points on Red Bull Racing and after the race on Imola, a maximum of 176 points can be scored in the remaining races this season. In the unlikely event that Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon score a one-two this weekend, this means that one fourth place will be enough to cash in on the title.

Hamilton not yet world champion

All this will take place during a weekend that will go down in the history books as well as a unique event. It not only marks the return of a classic circuit like Imola, but it is also the first time that a Grand Prix weekend will consist of just two days.

Hamilton cannot yet become a world champion in this event. If he wins and Bottas drops out, his lead with four races to go will be 102 points. Because points with a fastest lap can also be earned, he is therefore theoretically not yet a champion.

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