Saward backs Hulkenberg for Red Bull seat if changes are made

29-10-2020 11:37 | Updated: 29-10-2020 12:12
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Saward backs Hulkenberg for Red Bull seat if changes are made

F1 journalist, Joe Saward believes Nico Hulkenberg would be the ideal man to replace Alex Albon, if Red Bull decide to replace the Thai driver. Albon has been under increasing pressure in recent weeks.

The second seat at Red Bull has been a hot topic within the sport for some time now. According to insiders, there are a number of drivers who have a chance of winning a spot at Red Bull. Sergio Perez, and Nico Hulkenberg are the strongest rumours but also Albon himself still has a chance to retain his seat. But he'll want to improve his form if he is to stand a chance of racing for Red Bull next season.

Hulkenberg the man for the job

But according to many, Nico Hulkenberg is the best option. The German did not drive in F1 last year, but twice filled in at Racing Point. He received a lot of respect for his performances at Silverstone and the Nürburgring. Saward says in the Missed Apex podcast that he believes the Hulk is the right candidate. "If they want an older person who doesn't really care if he can beat Verstappen, then I think Hulkenberg is the best for it."

"Perez has already been dumped by McLaren in the past, he has experienced many negative things in his career. From Perez's point of view, it makes a perfect sense to go to Williams, because it puts him in the Mercedes family. That is the place. In today's modern Formula 1 it is the best place to be," the journalist concluded.

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