Power Ranking: Hamilton leads the scoreboard comfortably

28-10-2020 20:48 | Updated: 28-10-2020 23:31
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Power Ranking: Hamilton leads the scoreboard comfortably

After every Grand Prix a new Power Ranking appears on Formula1.com and now that the Portuguese Grand Prix is behind us we can take a look again. Lewis Hamilton almost gets a perfect score in Portimao, and he extends his lead over Max Verstappen, who was ranked ninth in Portugal.

High scores for Hamilton, Leclerc and Gasly

Verstappen drove a very solid race in Portugal and Bottas did well too, only the Finn had to compete against his teammate who then took the win. That puts Lewis Hamilton at a score of 9.8 and that keeps him in the lead. However, it is striking that Hamilton shares his place with Charles Leclerc, who also gets a 9.8.

The Monegasque's high score is due to his good qualifying and also his determination to bring the car to finish in the points. The drive earned him the admiration of his teammate Sebastian Vettel, who obviously had much more trouble with the SF1000. A real score for Leclerc, who drove an excellent race with his equipment.

Another notable name, which we have seen several times this year, is Pierre Gasly, who took third position with a score of 9.6. Very neat result for the AlphaTauri driver who once again had an excellent weekend. This high score keeps the Frenchman in the top three of the general classification, just behind Max Verstappen.

Points for McLaren

The McLaren drivers are also doing good business, as the spectacular opening lap of Carlos Sainz even allowed him to lead the race for some time. The Spaniard dropped back in the end, but that was mainly due to the capability of his car against the top teams, so the score of 9.4 is more than deserved. Lando Norris can also be seen in the list of drivers scoring, he is in tenth place with a 7.6.

With this result, Norris is in sixth place in the general classification, followed by Sainz in seventh place with only one point difference. The 8.8 for Kimi Raikkonen, who really had an incredible start and was able to jump up ten places on the first lap.

Later in the race, the Finn unfortunately couldn't hold on to his position, as he was slowly being overtaken again. This was purely due to lack of power, as the Alfa Romeo is not competitive enough. Nevertheless, a pleasure to watch. And the same goes for George Russell who gets an 8.4, mainly because of his performance in qualifying where he managed to position his Williams in front of Vettel's Ferrari.

Verstappen loses something at Hamilton

Between Raikkonen and Russell we see Sergio Perez with an 8.6, who drove a great race and finally Ocon ends with an 8.2, just above Verstappen who has to make do with an 8.0. The score for Verstappen is reasonable because he didn't show many special things in the race.

The overall ranking is still led by Lewis Hamilton in first place with a score of 106.4, Verstappen follows in second place with 104.4 and after that we see Gasly with a 98.4. The order of places four to ten is as follows: Ricciardo (97.0), Leclerc (96.8), Norris (94.2), Sainz (93.2), Russell (89.6), Bottas (88.6) and Ocon (84.0).

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