Doornbos after Portuguese GP: "He's gonna have some trouble sleeping"

27-10-2020 20:02 | Updated: 27-10-2020 22:36
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Doornbos after Portuguese GP: He's gonna have some trouble sleeping

Lance Stroll failed to impress last weekend. He first came into contact with Max Verstappen in free practice, then collided with Lando Norris in the race. Both drivers were not very keen on his actions, although their initial statements were toned down later on.

Stroll did not make friends in Portugal

Max Verstappen, for example, fired a now well-known rant about Stroll via the onboard radio when the two collided on Friday. However, when the drivers had to discuss the incident with the stewards, they agreed that the whole thing was based on a misunderstanding.

During Sunday's race, Stroll did not make friends with Lando Norris, who he hit during an overtaking attempt on the outside. Norris also scolded Stroll via the onboard radio, but came back to his statements afterwards.

In addition to the two crashes with other drivers, Stroll also received two 5-second penalties during the race. For Robert Doornbos, this is enough to conclude that it wasn't Stroll's weekend, so he says in his column for Ziggo Sport.

The losers of the weekend

"His overtake on Norris... How do you come up with this stuff? That he goes over the kerb on the outside at about 300 km/h, and then cuts Lando off in such a way that he has nowhere to go," says Doornbos. "Then it's logical that crash happened."

So who is the other loser of the weekend according to Doornbos? "Alexander Albon", says Doornbos. "He has two weekends to prove himself, Portimaõ and Imola. In Mugello the turning point had to come, but again there were no points on Sunday. A lap behind Max and an inglorious P12. He won't sleep well the next few days. He really has to show something special in Imola to still have a chance to win that seat for next year, but I don't see it happening,"concludes Doornbos.

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