Vettel very unhappy: ''He just drives because he has to''

26-10-2020 10:20 | Updated: 26-10-2020 10:58
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Vettel very unhappy: ''He just drives because he has to''

Sebastian Vettel was again outperformed by his teammate this weekend. Jacques Villeneuve thinks the differences between Mercedes and Ferrari have become far too big.

Lewis Hamilton won the Portuguese Grand Prix, but the race didn't start how the Brit would have planned. Valtteri Bottas got the lead at the start, but Hamilton was much better on his tyres. The gap between the two drivers was 26 seconds in the end and that gap is of course huge.

Vettel disappoints

''Hamilton took no risks at first, but once he went, the gas really opened up. Bottas knows he is number two. He is not the man at Mercedes. Kimi Raikkonen also enjoyed that role and could sometimes do just that little bit more with his experience," says Villeneuve at Sky Italia. The Canadian, however, is less enthusiastic about Sebastian Vettel.

''It was a huge gap between Charles Leclerc and Vettel and it was humiliating to see that difference. Ferrari and Leclerc had a great race, but Vettel was disappointing all weekend. How could you make anything else out of this? He just drives because he has to, but he is tired and not happy at all. This is how his year will end," concludes the 1997 World Champion.

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