Russell drove himself into the spotlight: "He was extremely good again"

26-10-2020 07:40 | Updated: 26-10-2020 08:19
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Russell drove himself into the spotlight: He was extremely good again

Formula 1 analyst Peter Windsor was very strict with Lance Stroll after Friday, who he believed should've looked in his mirrors. The Brit explains that some drivers need less space, such as Sergio Perez. But he had to go back on those words after Sunday's race. Windsor is also very pleased with George Russell's performance on Sunday.

Mirrors are poorly used

At turn one, Stroll and Verstappen made contact with each other during practice. This resulted in an early end of the session for Stroll, while Verstappen lost time. "I should also point out that when Lance Stroll and Max Verstappen had their coming together on Friday, I was very critical of Lance Stroll there. The stewards said that neither driver was to blame because, well ultimately Stroll was not to blame because he was told to push. But I made the point that I think you can't say just because an engineer tells a driver to do this that the driver can just focus and therefore never looks in the mirrors," Windsor said in his YouTube video.

"I think that's ridiculous, but anyway, I did make the point that there were certain drivers, Max, that you need to give a little bit of room to on a Friday. And I mentioned Grosjean, Magnussen, and others. I actually made the point of saying 'not Sergio Perez' because Sergio would know what he is doing. He has got peripheral vision. Guess who it was that hit, Max, on lap one!? It was Sergio Perez."

Albon flops, Russell on top

Windsor has little to say about Alexander Albon's performance: "Alex Albon was nowhere again. He made three stops for tyres, never looked confident in the car."

However, the Brit was satisfied with the performance of Russell, who drove ahead of Sebastian Vettel for a large part of the race. Going into the weekend, rumours suggested that Russell might lose his seat, Williams. "George Russell was extremely good again. As I said, he led Sebastian Vettel for a bulk of the race. Russell didn't score points in the end because when he was on the hard tyre all of the relative performance went away from the Williams. But another very good day for George Russell. And a promising day, I guess you could say, for the new owners of Williams," Windsor added. 

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