Gasly critical: "Performance is not the only term for getting a seat in F1"

25-10-2020 16:32
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Gasly critical: Performance is not the only term for getting a seat in F1

Red Bull Racing switched Alexander Albon from AlphaTauri (then Toro Rosso) to Red Bull with Pierre Gasly going in the other direction. But the Thai is not doing better than the Frenchman. Gasly is still hoping for a return to the top of Red Bull.

In 2019, Gasly's dream was dashed when he is returned from Red Bull to AlphaTauri after six months. The Frenchman didn't handle the pressure. Now it is Gasly who is performing very well, whereas Albon has been disappointing for a year and a half.

Gasly hopes for Red Bull

"We'll see for next year. At the end of the day, it is Red Bull who decides what they want to do with the drivers and I can only make sure I perform. Nowadays, however, performance is not the only term for getting a seat in F1," Gasly seems to hint at many pay-drivers in the sport.

However, the Frenchman tells Sky Sports that he does not want to worry about it. "It's out of my hands. I just work hard to get good results for the team. I've scored more points for Toro Rosso than any other driver and hopefully, I'll be rewarded for that in the end," Gasly concludes.

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