Albon couldn't overtake after bad start: "The car was actually really good"

25-10-2020 16:12
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Albon couldn't overtake after bad start: The car was actually really good

Alexander Albon is under considerable pressure at Red Bull Racing. It's doubtful whether he will still be in that seat next year. So he needed a strong race to prove himself. He didn't get that race in Portugal.

“The first lap I was all over the place really," Albon told Sky Sports. "For some of the teams the tyres switched on, McLaren..And Kimi, Kimi was flying. It was as if he was driving a different track compared to all of us. It was just really tricky on those first three laps. That’s really where I lost the positions," he added. 

Albon couldn't catch up

The British-Thai blames his 12th place finish on a bad start. After that it was difficult for him to overtake at the Portimao circuit.

“Once the tyres were up to temperature, the car was actually really good. But I spend the rest of the race under a gearbox of another car. We knew it was going to be hard to overtake here, but I was struggling a lot in the last corner, so I could never really stay that close to have an opportunity to overtake in turn 1," Albon said. 

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