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Ricciardo advises Red Bull: Despite bad relationship, they won races with Renault

Ricciardo advises Red Bull: "Despite bad relationship, they won races with Renault

18-10-2020 07:32 Last update: 09:08


Due to Honda's imminent departure in Formula 1, Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri have to look for a new engine supplier for 2022. Mercedes have already indicated that they are not open to a possible deal, so Red Bull will have to choose between Renault and Ferrari. They have already had a deal with the French, but it ended disappointingly.

Due to many breakdowns in 2018, in which Max Verstappen was often heard speaking negatively about the onboard radio, Red Bull made the choice to go to Honda. Now they have to look for a new engine again and Renault would be open to that. Daniel Ricciardo does expect that the cooperation between the two parties can be rebuilt.

Red Bull can still become champion

"Of course I don't decide how it will go, but I think they can sort it out," explains the Australian to Motorsport Magazin. "Of course you have emotions, but you also have to take into account the business and time. Time heals a lot". Ricciardo realises that things were different once. "A few years ago you couldn't look each other in the eye, but I don't think it will stay that way forever.

Ricciardo himself has driven a Renault engine in his Red Bull years and the driver who will make the switch to McLaren next year thinks that Red Bull can be successful again with a Renault as the engine. "Despite the bad relationship last time, Red Bull won races with Renault. Moreover, they have become world champions, so I think they can really get the support to go for the championship", Ricciardo concludes.