Villeneuve: "A top team needs two really good drivers"

14-10-2020 17:47 | Updated: 14-10-2020 19:46
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Villeneuve: A top team needs two really good drivers

The differences between Max Verstappen and his teammate Alexander Albon were obvious during the Eifel Grand Prix. In qualifying, Albon was still there to some extent, but he made a lot of mistakes during the race.

Progress at Red Bull

Jacques Villeneuve talks at Sky Sports Italia about the improvements at Red Bull Racing and the role of Verstappen in this. "He works very hard with the team and this way they are able to make progress." According to the 1997 world champion, the updates at Red Bull turned out well at the Nürburgring. "Verstappen was fast throughout the race. He had almost a comparable pace to both Mercedesses".

Advantage Mercedes

Despite the good results of Max Verstappen, not everything is going well at Red Bull Racing. Even after a year and a half Verstappen's team mate Albon does not know how to connect with the Dutchman. He therefore thinks that Red Bull will never be able to beat Mercedes this way. "Mercedes has the advantage of having two drivers who are more equal to each other. That is why they can make the car better. A top team needs two really good drivers."

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